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Boats from 56 to 64 feet are highlights of Schaefer Yachts in SP Boat show

Best selling boat in Brazil - Schaefer 303 - will be presented in commemorative version for 1,500 units sold.

In a new address, the Sao Paulo Boat Show, the largest nautical event in Latin America, will feature Schaefer Yachts vessels, the leading manufacturer in Brazil, responsible for creating the nautical pole of Santa Catarina, the largest in Brazil. Schaefer will exhibit boats between 30 and 62 feet. The stunning and giant Schaefer 830 will not be exposed by size limitations, but a scale model will be presented and technological components will allow visitors to know the yacht to its fullest. Another highlight will be the 1,500 edition of the Phantom 303 with surprising news of the most successful boat in Brazilian nautical market - breaking the mark of 1,500 units sold and produced.

Visitors will have the opportunity to check closely the new Schaefer 560, 56 feet, and the Schaefer 640, which is now also available in a four cabins version. "This is the main showcase of Brazilian industry, responsible for good business and is the ideal place to showcase the excellence of our products," says Márcio Schaefer, CEO of the company.

The fair highlights are:

Schaefer 830 Fly

A landmark of national nautical and the first yacht over 80 feet designed in Brazil, Schaefer 830 have design and technological advantages that serve as an example for this industry worldwide.

It's a fast boat, with deck on one level, which allows full integration between the areas. Its range of 300 miles, its facilities and its complete kitchen are indispensable items for a relaxed cruise.

The construction technology is the same used in other models of the yard, which makes the boat unique elements of performance, durability and less weight. Its four bedrooms and the lounge includes dining and living room translate all the sophistication offered to an exquisite audience. Its size also contains a garage for aquatic bike, boat of up to four meters and the yacht has three engines.

Schaefer 620

Launched last year, the Schaefer 620 comes to the SP Boat Show with one more option of customization. Now you can choose for four cabins, a cabin more than the three suites already found in the model. In addition, all items that permeate the history and quality of the company are there: design, technology, comfort and the most advanced equipment in the world market.

Perfection is found in every detail, from the large internal spaces - incomparable in the category - integrated social area to the mobile platform aft, main hall on two levels, large living room and fully equipped gourmet kitchen. In the flybridge, the design further emphasizes the space, with a lot of freedom in the areas of command and coexistence. And the best of opting for four cabins, the customer finds the same model value with three suites.

Schaefer 560

This totally new design, which required two years of project, has flybridge, three cabins and two suites. "This is a new model to complete the range between 50 and 64 feet. A track that was missing for the Brazilian market" says Márcio Schaefer.

The boat has a convivial place in the bow with sofa and solarium for anyone on board to enjoy the landscape and great moments among friends and family. Keeping the Brazilian standard of recreational boats, established by the company, it has extensive gourmet area at the stern bench with electric barbecue, a large square with sofa, dining table and kitchen next to the entrance hall - which allows greater dynamic in preparation of dishes and drinks for the guests.

For overnight stays the boat has a master amidships stateroom, another at the bow and one to starboard with two single beds that can also be rolled back in a comfortable double bed.

Schaefer 400

This model of 40 feet won the audience by the bold design and finishing details, besides being the boat with more standard equipment in the market. It is a modern and stylish boat with a large protected area and has the wider range of option for engines - from gasoline engines 380 HP to 400HP diesel engines. It offers the same variety of finishing and decoration of the largest boats of the shipyard. It comes equipped with air conditioning, generator, sound system, TV, bow winch, barbecue grilland several other series items.

Phantom 375

This boat impresses with excellent cockpit space and the height of its hardtop, which provides comfort to move into the space and improves the 360-degree view at the time of shipping. Launched in 2015 by Schaefer Yachts, this boat brings amazing details for the category. In addition to technology and modernity characteristics of Schaefer Yachts, the boat comes with a hard top (electric sunroof) and other attractions, such as generator, air conditioning, electric cooktop stove, refrigerator, microwave, electric grill, electric windlass with anchor, boiler, TV, Blu Ray player, sound system, bar and refrigerator. Just as in the larger boats of the line, the hard top provides the advantage of a navigation with open roof, making it much more pleasant, with good ventilation and a unique feeling of freedom.

Schaefer 365

Completely redesigned and updated with the very latest technology, this 36 feet boat has among its advantages a complete list of standard items - generator, air conditioning, hot water, TV, DVD, microwave, among others. Fully open and excellent navigation, the boat is lightweight and has great performance on the water, with a overnight capacity for five people and is designed in a loft style, with few doors and walls, however, without taking privacy.

Schaefer 303 - 1500 Edition

Considered the most successful boat in the Brazilian nautical market, Schaefer 303 features a special edition, commemorating the 1,500 units sold. The boat has air conditioning, generator and new engine. "This is the movable property with better resale value there is," says Márcio Schaefer, president of the shipyard.

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