Unique in the market, combining comfort with high technology, the boats produced by Schaefer Yachts impress at first glance. They stand out for their beauty, workmanship, sophistication and high performance, unique features among the competitors. While reviewing our fleet, customers can choose the boat of their dreams and find what best suits their desires - from Schaefer 260 (26 feet) to the Schaefer 25M, with 83 feet, the largest and most complete yacht manufactured in mass production in Brazil.

Schaefer V33
Schaefer 25M
Schaefer 770
Schaefer 660
Schaefer 600
Schaefer 510 Pininfarina
Schaefer 510 Sport Pininfarina
Schaefer 400
Schaefer 375 HT
Schaefer 365
Schaefer 303
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