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Schaefer Yachts starts exportation to Paraguay

In the last months eight boats have been delivered in the country Even without any connection to the sea, Paraguay begins to discover the quality and advantages of owning a Schaefer Yachts boat. By January, eight boats will be delivered to the neighboring country - six Schaefer 303 (30 feet) and two Schaefer 375 (37 feet). The relationship with the Paraguayans led to dealers in the three main cities of the country - Ciudad del Este, Asuncion and Encarnacion. The company's partner, businessman Jose Ortiz, explains the reason for choosing the brand for waters of rivers, lakes and Paraguayan dams: "Since I decided to buy a boat to use in the waters of Santa Catarina (Brazil), several friends explained about the quality and technology involved in Schaefer Yachts products. Those are boats that have unique seaworthiness," he says. According to Ortiz, the interest in representing Schaefer Yachts also came from the poor experience of many friends who imported boats without observing important criteria such as motors and technical assistance. "With the arrival of Schaefer we now offer top quality boats, top level and we provide assistance in all aspects. Not to mention prices, very competitive," he says. He concludes by pointing out that Schaefer Yachts boats are perfect for both salty and sweet waters and that he works with the entire line - a range of products between 30 and 80 feet.

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