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Phantom 30 3 reaches the historical mark of 1500 units delivered

One of the biggest successes of Brazilian market - the 30-foot Phantom 30 3 boat - reached the historic mark of 1,500 delivered this Thursday (12). The owner of the boat is from Caraguatatuba, on the north coast of São Paulo, and will use it in the region of São Sebastião and Ilhabela. The boat had its special series commemorating the brand launched at the last São Paulo Boat Show, with 30 exclusive units, of which 15 have already been delivered and another 15 within the next 30 days. It is one of the most famous molds of Schaefer Yachts and has changed the market of the country due to its comfort, modern design and performance with high quality standard. "It is a mobile patrimony with the best resale value that exists," says Marcio Schaefer, president of the yard. An example, when it was released in 2002 at the Rio Boat Show, 40 units were sold in a week, the only time a booth was closed for sales during the event, facing the huge demand. The Phantom 30 3, initially launched as 290, is in its third generation, being exported to USA, Sweden, Spain, Norway, France, Argentina and Paraguay.

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