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Schaefer Yachts is featured in nautical fair Itajaí

Confirmed between 21 and 24 July, the Nautical Marina Itajaí Hall will host the main highlights shipyard boats Santa Catarina Schaefer Yachts, known for sailing in waters around the world and as a consumer dream of passionate life at sea. The event will be the at the marina in the city of Itajaí, in the north coast of Santa Catarina, and will bring together products and services that make up the industry chain to generate business, and provide visitors with options of fine dining and entertainment.

Among the boats of Schaefer Yachts, Schaefer 620 (62 feet, with a choice of three suites or three suites and one bedroom), Schaefer 560 (56 feet), Schaefer 500 Fly (50 ft) , Schaefer 400 (40 feet), Schaefer 375 (37 feet) and Schaefer 303 (30 feet), the most successful boat in the national market, with almost 1,500 units sold. The presence of Santa Catarina industry event brings more visibility to it, as its the largest segment of the country's south. It is expected about 5000 visitors during the days of the Boat Show.

Register to the event here:

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