Schaefer Yachts takes boats between 30 and 62 feet to the Boat Xperience15

Fair ocours between 22 and 31 of january, in Guarujá (SP)

Virtually the entire line of Schaefer Yachts will be on display and for negotiation during the Boat Xperience 2016 in Marina Asturias, in Guaruja (SP ) , between 22 and 31 January. The event is sponsored by Boat Shopping magazine and brings everything that 's new in the fields of nautical production, including, boats, jets, engines and accessories. The Santa Catarina shipyard, responsible for creating the nautical pole of the state, now the country's largest , will be at the fair with special payment terms and the possibility of customers to customize the boat to be unique.

Present people can get to know the quality and excellence of the company's boats. This is a unique opportunity this summer for all to enjoy and know the high standard of some of the best boats manufactured in Brazil. The boats will be on display are: Schaefer 303, Schaefer 365, Schaefer 375 HT , Schafer 400, Schaefer 500 Fly , Schaefer 500 HT and the launch Schaefer 620.

More Information:: +55(48) 2106-7440 /

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