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Consecrated in testing, Schaefer 560 has started series production

Boat of 56 feet was recently launched in SP Boat Show.

After the success of its launch during the São Paulo Boat Show in October, and the first amazing tests on the water last week, the Schaefer 560, shipyard novelty Santa Catarina Schaefer Yachts finally enters production series. The result of its performance during the first experience is a direct reflection of refinement and technology involved in its manufacture. With 90% of parts produced with the vacuum infusion process, considered the most innovative of the global marine industry, the model far exceeds other competitors using the conventional way of rolling. "With this we have a stronger and much lighter boat," says Marcio Schaefer, Chairman of Schaefer Yachts.

The care involved in manufacturing was certainly decisive for the performance in water - glide fast, stability and response during operation, both the main command as the flybridge. Model developed as intermediate alternative between the boats 50 to 64 feet of the yard, the Schaefer 560 is easily mistaken for a model of 60 feet. It has three cabins (two suites), kitchen on the main deck, next to the square stern, and gourmet on submersible stern platform. As motorization offers axis option or IPS with power between 725-950 HP each engine.

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